10 Hidden Macos Features You Probably Didnt Know About

10 Hidden macOS Features You Probably Didnt Know About

Do you know that your Mac has hidden gems? Let’s begin our exploration and discover ten secret macOS features! With these powerful features, you can boost productivity, efficiency, and your overall Mac experience.

Do you know about Mission Control? It helps you to switch between different desktops, so you can stay organized and multitask more effectively!

Apple is continuously refining these hidden macOS features, so users can get the most out of their Mac devices. There’s more than meets the eye – so why not explore these hidden marvels?

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search ups the ante on file access! Just type a few keystrokes and you can find and open files without manually navigating through folders. Plus, it goes beyond file searches. Access system features like display settings, volume control, or FaceTime calls. Web searches? It’s got you covered! Get results from sources such as Wikipedia, Bing, or Google without opening a browser. Need to crunch numbers? Simply type in your calculations into the search bar – no calculator app needed! It even acts as a personal directory by looking up contact details with just a name or address book info. Looking for an application? Type in its name and launch it instantly.

Don’t forget to customize preferences and explore further to uncover more intriguing possibilities. Plus, Spotlight Search provides real-time suggestions as you type in your query. It adjusts results dynamically based on what you are looking for. So why settle for traditional file hunting? Embrace this versatile tool and unlock new levels of efficiency. Start exploring the hidden features today and experience the true potential of macOS!

Split View

Split View – let’s explore its key features!

  1. Window arrangement: 50-50 split, but adjust the divider for more space to one app.
  2. Full-screen support: Activate by clicking and holding the green maximize button.
  3. App selection: Choose from Mission Control or dock by dragging.
  4. Swipe gestures: Use three fingers to switch between apps.
  5. Multitasking shortcuts: Command + Tab & Control + Left/Right arrow.
  6. Exiting Split View: Click green maximize, enter full-screen, or drag divider.
  7. Resizing windows: Remember sizes after exiting Split View.

Experiment with apps in Split View – enhance workflow! MacOS X El Capitan introduced this feature in 2015 to streamline user experience. Go ahead and give it a whirl! Boost productivity with Split View on macOS.

Quick Look

We stumbled upon an exciting macOS feature: Quick Look! Quick Look helps users to preview files and folders without opening them. Let’s learn more about the power of Quick Look!

Here’s a list of keys to use Quick Look for different file types:

File Type Quick Look Key
Image Files Spacebar Key
Document Files Command + Y
Audio Files Option + Spacebar
PDFs Command + Spacebar
Video Files Enter/Return Key

You can also use Quick Look on website links that you get via email or messages. Just highlight the link and press the Spacebar key – the web page will appear in a Quick Look window!

To make the most of Quick Look, consider these tips:

  1. Zoom In: Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture on the trackpad or mouse scroll wheel to zoom in while viewing an image through Quick Look.
  2. Markup: Make quick edits or annotations without opening an image or PDF – click the Markup button in the top-right corner of the Quick Look window.
  3. Preview Multiple Items: Select all desired items in Finder, press the Option key while clicking on any one file, and you can instantly preview all selected items using Quick Look.

You can make the most of Quick Look and boost your productivity and efficiency! Whether you’re quickly previewing a document, enjoying a high-resolution image, or scanning through video footage, Quick Look is sure to help.

Desktop Stacks

Dive into Desktop Stacks! Double-click to open. Right-click for more options like sorting. Hold Option + click to expand/collapse all. Drag & drop items to add/remove. Change how they appear with List view or by date, type, or tag. Customize icon size and grid spacing. And did you know they work with iCloud Drive? Changes sync across all your Apple devices. So you can have the latest version of your files everywhere you go!

Universal Clipboard

Universal Clipboard on macOS makes copying and pasting content between Apple devices super simple. Here’s a look at what it can do: copy text from iPhone, image from iPad, link from MacBook – all with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.

No more manual transfers! It’s easy to share a paragraph from iPhone to an email on MacBook, or a photo from iPad to iPhone.

Take advantage of Universal Clipboard and unlock new possibilities in your everyday tasks. Try it now and simplify your workflow!

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera has great features. Here’s a list:

  1. Instant photo capture. Take a photo on your iOS device and it’ll appear on your Mac. No file transferring needed.
  2. Document scanning made easy. Scan with your iPhone or iPad camera, and it’ll be a PDF on your Mac.
  3. Integration with multiple apps. Mail, Messages, Pages, Notes and more.
  4. Quick edits and enhancements. Markup, crop, rotate, add annotations – all on your Mac.

You can make the most of Continuity Camera in these ways:

  1. Streamline sharing visuals. Capture pictures for presentations or reports with your iOS device.
  2. Digitize paper documents. Create PDF versions without a scanner.
  3. Collaborate in real-time. Share documents, whiteboards and prototypes quickly with video conferencing software.

Use Continuity Camera to boost productivity. Experience the speed and convenience it brings.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is easier on the eyes. The black background reduces glare, so you can view content without straining.

For devices with OLED displays, fewer pixels need to be powered up. This uses less energy.

Dark Mode eliminates bright colors and emphasizes contrast. This helps you focus, without distractions.

It also looks elegant and modern, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your device.

Uniquely, Dark Mode can be scheduled. It can switch between light and dark mode automatically, depending on the time or sunrise/sunset. No manual intervention necessary.

Markup Tools


MacOS Markup Tools are an awesome feature that makes annotating and editing documents easy. You can add text, shapes, signatures, highlight points, sketch, and even magnify parts of the file.

But there’s more! You can also use the Markup Tools to fill out forms and sign documents digitally. Plus, customize the color palette to choose the right shade, and tailor the toolbar with only the tools you need.

To get the most out of Markup Tools, here are some tips:

  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts like Command+Shift+A for faster access.
  2. Play with stroke thicknesses when drawing shapes or writing text.
  3. Discover more options like zoom, crop, and rotate.

With these features, you can make the document editing experience smoother and get more stuff done! So make use of the Markup Tools on your macOS device and unleash their full potential.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts are amazing! Automate your routine tasks on macOS with just a few taps or voice commands. Set reminders, send messages, play music, get directions, and more.

Plus, advanced features make it even better. It’ll suggest useful shortcuts based on your daily activities.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve your efficiency and experience with macOS. Unlock the full potential of your device by using Siri Shortcuts. Enjoy the convenience it brings to your life.


This article uncovers 10 hidden macOS features that may have been missed. By uncovering these gems, users can get a better experience and use their Macs more productively.

The details shared are unique and give insight into features not usually known. These details give Mac users more power to use their devices. From using Siri shortcuts to customizing the touch bar, each feature has its own advantages.

To enhance the Mac experience, explore possibilities with third-party applications and software. These can boost system capability and provide customization tools. Integrate these with native features to tailor the Mac experience to specific needs.

Explore hidden macOS features with other users in communities and forums. This helps to share ideas and get collective wisdom. Sharing experiences, tips, and tricks with other Mac fans creates a supportive environment.

Regularly update macOS software for the latest improvements and features. Apple works on improving the OS by adding features and solving any issues. Updating guarantees a smooth experience with good performance.

By following these suggestions, users can unlock the full potential of their Mac devices and take advantage of all the hidden features macOS offers. So get exploring and discover new levels of productivity with your Mac!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some hidden macOS features that most people don’t know about?

Some hidden macOS features that many users may not be aware of include the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts, the ability to take screenshots with a variety of options, the option to annotate PDFs directly in the Preview app, the ability to optimize storage space with the “Optimize Storage” feature, the capability to use split view to work with multiple apps side by side, and the ability to quickly access frequently used emoji.

2. How can I create custom keyboard shortcuts in macOS?

To create custom keyboard shortcuts in macOS, go to the Apple menu, select “System Preferences,” and then choose “Keyboard.” In the Keyboard preferences, go to the “Shortcuts” tab and select “App Shortcuts” in the left sidebar. Click on the “+” button, choose the desired application, enter the exact menu title of the command you want to create a shortcut for, and finally, assign the desired shortcut.

3. Is there a way to take more advanced screenshots on macOS?

Yes, there are several advanced screenshot options in macOS. To access them, press Shift + Command + 5, and a screenshot toolbar will appear. From there, you can choose to capture the entire screen, a selected portion of the screen, a specific window, or even record a video. The toolbar also allows you to customize options such as the save location, timer, and cursor inclusion.

4. Can I annotate PDFs directly in the macOS Preview app?

Yes, the Preview app in macOS provides built-in annotation features for PDFs. Simply open a PDF in the Preview app, click on the “Markup Toolbar” icon, and you’ll be able to add text, shapes, signatures, highlights, and more to the document. You can also annotate images and other file types supported by the Preview app.

5. How does the “Optimize Storage” feature in macOS work?

The “Optimize Storage” feature in macOS helps free up storage space on your device by automatically removing some items that are stored in iCloud. These items include full-resolution photos and videos, as well as files from the Desktop and Documents folders. However, the optimized items will still be easily accessible and will re-download automatically when needed.

6. Can I work with multiple apps side by side on macOS?

Yes, macOS offers a feature called “Split View” that allows you to work with multiple apps side by side in a fullscreen mode. To use Split View, click and hold on the green maximize button of any window, drag it to the left or right side of the screen until the cursor touches the screen edge, release the button, and then choose another window to occupy the other side of the screen.


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