Feilx Universal Virtual Reality Goggles, VR Headset,3D VR Glasses,All-in-one VR Games Headset, for Mobile Games and Movies Fully Adjustable Focal and Object Distance (Color : Black)

Amazon.com Price: $1,620.64 (as of 02/11/2023 18:33 PST- Details)

✔High-definition picture quality: not only the screen is large, the pixel arrangement details are very clear, no grain, no distortion, the picture is clearer, the panoramic naked eye 3D visual effect is more three-dimensional, more realistic, and more vivid Smooth and no smear, fast response LCD screen microsecond response speed is faster, no smear, more fun
✔Multi-function: 11 mainstream video formats, Blu-ray file playback, external subtitles adaptable and adjustable, screen position can be moved arbitrarily, 9 VR video modes, VR screen manual adjustment, 3D effect on/off, audio track recognition independent choice
✔High performance: Resolution up to 4K/8K ultra-clear, frame rate up to 60 frames without smear, bit rate up to 13Mbps, better audio-visual effects, exclusive 4K 3D blockbusters, golden viewing position

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