KSHAAR Compatible with Pico 4 All-in-One VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset Game 4K+ Display Wireless 128GB 256GB VR Headset (Color : Global Version 256GB)

Amazon.com Price: $998.00 (as of 02/11/2023 18:31 PST- Details)

【Balanced design for easy wear】The balanced design means that the weight of PICO 4 is evenly distributed between the front and back. The center of gravity is close to the face. There is a cushioned support at the back. The front does not wobble back and forth and the back does not slide down.
【It is highly stable】The weight of the front end has been reduced by 26.2% and its thickness has been reduced by 38.8%.
【Super ClearThe Proprietary Pancake optical lens allows for a wide clearer view】 It refracts and reflects light between lenses,means it has both a wider field of view and clearer images.4K+ Super-Vision Display